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All the stories I've worked on in the last three years as a staff writer, including print features, product reviews, and expert-recommended stories. The image to the right shows a feature called "100 Teen Poll" that I spent five months reporting for the print magazine. I spoke with over 100 different teenagers across the country to find out what's cool to buy in 2021.


A reported piece for print and online that I pitched for the New York Times Style section. This story became the cover for the section on Thursday, December 22, 2022.


A reported piece for print and online that I pitched for the New York Times Style section.


A reported piece for print and online based on a survey of 108 different couples about the best gift they received for their wedding. This piece was in print and online for the New York Times Vows section.


A reported piece where I reached out to over 1,400 men in person and via Instagram to find out what suits real men buy off the rack.

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Pandemic Memories? Scrapbook Them

For the New York Times kids special edition that appears in the Sunday paper once a month, I was asked to write this expert-driven piece about scrapbooking. It was the centerfold of that issue.


A feature on how to shop at J.Crew with interviews from retail associates.

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A feature on how to shop at Sephora with interviews from retail associates.


A reported story on the rise of ornate getting-ready outfits for weddings for the New York Times wedding section.


Wedding Announcements

I work with the New York Times on wedding announcements. I interview the couple and write about their dating history, proposal, and wedding. I conduct my own fact-checking for each story, too.


I edit and creative direct all content posted to the account. I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphically designed carousels for the account and edit photographs for theme weeks that I staged, creative directed, and helped photograph.



A pitched and reported story about dupe culture for Gen-Z, specifically with popular brands like Nike.

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A reported story about the history of tennis dresses, why they have become so popular right now, and which dresses players actually play in.

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A first-person round-up of the best gluten-free cooksbooks to buy.


Additional writing

Below you'll find links to a few selected bylines for various publications:

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